And the winner is... 

Congratulations to ZIP code 80922 on being one of 2017s hottest zip codes to live in! This information is based on a study completed by of over 32,000 ZIP codes and was based on factors such as: how long it takes to sell a home and how frequently homes are viewed in each ZIP Code. Interestingly enough, they were also gauged on factors sought after by millennials such as hiking trails, restaurants, and nightlife. Danielle Hale, who is's chief economist was quoted saying, "Increasingly, the hottest housing markets are the ones that appeal to millennial preferences, and right now the standouts are relatively affordable suburbs with local 'it' factors such as hiking trails, great restaurants, and nightlife." LaskeyHomes is going to break down what makes 80922 so great and why!



With over 50 restaurants packed into a relatively small area, 80922 has become a mecca for food connosieurs on a budget. You will find food of all sorts, from Hibachi to Brazilian, and food of all prices, from 5 star to your standard drive-thru. One very popular destination for foodies is the First and Main Town Center. Here you can park and walk to 29 food destinations. On top of this, First and Main Town Center was voted 'Best Variety in Colorado Springs.' 



80922 has become a popular destination for those of us who embrace the nightlife. With multiple bars and clubs seated in a beautiful setting, it is hard not to have fun in 80922. Bar Louie, The Wobbly OliveFox & Hound, and The Cow Pub and Grill are just a few of the favorites in the area. 



While 80922 boasts tons of amazing features it also is amazingly affordable comparitively to the surrounding market. The average sold price of 80922 since the beginning of 2017 is just over $270,000. Compare that to the rest of the market's average price of over $309,000, it is easy to see why LaskeyHomes believes affordability is a huge factor!


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